The Ego

31 Aug The Ego

Ego is traditionally characterized as one who is excessively self-interested, conceited and self-centered. Think Meryl Streep’s “Miranda Priestly” from The Devil Wears Prada, or any “Boss” that can’t manage to treat their employees like human beings because they are so wrapped up in themselves.

There is a difference between having an ego and being egotistical. We all arrive on the planet fully equipped with an ego. That’s a good thing. Ego, in its purest form, is what gives us our sense of self in relationship to the world. Our self esteem, self image, self worth, confidence and sense of belonging to something larger than ourselves are all ego strengths.

The challenges of the ego are rooted in fear. One who lives dominantly from their ego is strongly conditioned by the past filtering their experiences with an over-identification of themselves out of a need for protection. Think self doubt, anxiety, rejection, self-aggrandizing behavior, insensitivity, controlling or micro-managing, and the constant need for validation.

A wise teacher once told me EGO stands for “Edging God Out.” If our ego is out of balance, we block our connection with the wisest part of ourselves, limiting our full recognition and connection of ourselves as spiritual beings belonging to a greater Whole.

To the egotist, examining the role Ego has in their life is a self-indulgent quest to seek out more praise to reinforce their need to insulate themselves from the greater whole. To the spiritual seeker, examining the role of ego leads one on a journey for Ego balance toward greater success, joy and connection to light and love.

SRT can be an, effective tool toward facilitating that balance. SRT is a means of giving the ego a makeover and switching up the role ego plays in your life to live an authentic life. The more conscious one can become about the energy the ego identifies with, the more that awareness can be used to examine the role ego plays in our work, relationships and health.

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