Client Testimonials

Relationship Healing

“In the course of our lives we experience, through the lens of our own existence, our family, our friends, our lovers and partners, some of whom provide us with beautiful and incredible connections that seem to propel us to the next level. Some are there for a brief time to teach us something, often times hard or painful. They float in and show us things about the way we love and float away leaving an imprint of memories.

I’ve had recurring people in my life I’ve somehow felt bound to, and they to me. These connections have frequently not been healthy, not the good kind of soulmate. In that, I feel brought down in ways that I don’t quite understand, I just know that I can’t shake it.

In  January of 2014, I came to Jenilee because I was suffering and beside myself with this sense of grief over someone for whom I had ancient and  deep feelings of despair and love. This person just could not show up for me at all..a pattern. We all know what that feels like, to pour yourself, your thoughts and tears into someone who can’t acknowledge.

I truly feel that Jenilee saw how close I was to the edge, I didn’t even need to give her a back round story, she just seemed to know. We cleared our past, our present, our “story”. After a few clearings, I watched the cage we were in dissolve, I watched the ancient pain I felt for him shape into a distant love, and more importantly, a self love that I was sorely lacking. This woman’s gift provides clarity and insight, and if you’re willing to do the work with her, your life can truly transform right before your eyes. Jenilee gracefully and effectively helped me move out of a “soul cage” with a precise comprehension that cuts through the red tape..Just go. We sometimes cannot move on from destructive patterns by ourselves, we need help from sweet, gifted souls like her. If you  want the change, she can get you there, just show up.”

—Morgan Thomas, Yoga Teacher, Portland OR

“I have always been intrigued by energy. What it can do, how it flows. When I heard of energy healing by Jenilee, I wasn’t sure I “needed” it. Being interested in the overall subject, I was eager to try it, and yet apprehensive, since it was new and I didn’t know what to expect.

At the beginning of my session, I was immediately aware of Jenilee’s calm and comforting presence. It felt like I was walking into an old friend’s hug energetically speaking. Throughout the session, I began to feel lighter (that’s the only way I know how to describe it). Like I had been carrying this invisible, super heavy backpack and it was being unpacked.

As we moved through the session, Jenilee cleared energies from multiple relationships where I had been experiencing challenges (some I hadn’t even thought of mentioning I wanted to clear). After the session, and since then, those challenges don’t weigh on me and those relationships seem to flow more easily. For the next few days, I continued to feel as if weight was being lifted from me, and, at the same time, I was sad. I learned that feeling sad is expected as your energy (and ego) is letting go of things not serving you.

I plan to continue with these sessions to keep my “house clean” and keep me on my path to what serves me best.

I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend Jenilee and her services. Whether you feel like you “need” it or not, it would greatly benefit anyone!”

—Kristina Baker, Bay Area, California

Wildcard Healing

“I went into my session with an open mind, not really knowing what to expect. Jenilee was extremely patient throughout, allowing me to ask questions when I needed to. I had know idea the kind of emotions that the cleansing would release. So many feelings that I had repressed for so long were brought to the surface. Spirit was so very accurate. That night, I felt peaceful, but also a sense of mourning, as I was letting go of all that once was. It was such an amazing release. I feel peace where I once felt tension. I feel that I am better able to focus on what really matters and make decisions based on love and not fear. I cannot thank Jenilee enough for this precious gift she has given to me!”

—Holly Collella, Mother, Montgomery NY

“I just wanted to take a moment to explain how blown away I was with my energy clearing session with Jenilee. I was unsure of what exactly to expect, but it only took a few minutes once into the session for my jaw to drop by the things she was uncovering. Her gift is true and pure and absolutely life changing for anyone willing and open to her help. Things from your past are able to surface and be released through this amazing ability that Jenilee possesses. If you are in search of self awareness and a deeper kind of healing and therapy for your whole soul and being please give yourself the gift of an energy clearing session with Jenilee.”

—Caroline Harris, Mother, Phoenix AZ

“My session with Jenilee was healing and transformative. The sacred space that she created allowed me to go to a place of deep emotional pain that had been buried for years. I emerged with a sense of peace, calm and understanding.”

—Tate Hall Kelley, Reiki Master, Eugene OR

“This was my first experience with clearing my energies, I was a little nervous to hear what would come up and how I would feel. The day after my clearing I had an overwhelming flood of emotions and feelings, but following that I had a sense of freedom, it was as if my soul had been rung free of the junk that had been stuck for so long. I am so thankful for this experience and it was truly amazing to see the way Jenilee connects and heals with spirit.”

—Leigh Galbraith, Nurse, Portland OR

“For starters I am very open to new things and find myself to be more spiritual than the average person. When Jenilee mentioned this type of healing to me I was more confused about how it would work than unsure that it would work. After the clearing I can say a couple of things for sure are a fact: the eight lumberjacks that were sitting on my shoulders went back to chopping trees, secondly the thoughts in my mind went from overcrowded and clouded to open and clear.”

—Rowland Harris, Sales Manager, Phoenix AZ

Reiki Healing

“First and foremost Jenilee is extremely gifted! Once in her presence there is no doubt of her intention, and that is to be a clear channel for spirit to aid you in your evolution. Her life reflects her devotion to truth and her work a testimony to her dedication to the well being of others.

The SRT and Reiki work I’ve done with Jenilee has proved to be invaluable, powerful and inspiring. I am grateful for our connection!”

—Wendi Kai, Artist, Eugene OR

Step Into Your Power Session

“Thank you Jenilee for the incredible session today! I feel such a strong shift and reconnection with my purpose and heart. The combination of healing modalities that you integrate into the session is such a beautiful, unique and powerfully insightful experience.

I would recommend this to anyone seeking a deeper sense of purpose, healing/clearing and for an overall insight into their life. Much love and gratitude to you!”

—Anna Helena Jackson, Artist, Eugene OR

Health and Well-Being Healings

“The day before my session with Jenilee a pain in my body surfaced out of nowhere ready for release. Clearly the session had begun early. Equally clear, my facilitator was a powerhouse. Although I’ve had many energetic clearings before I was impressed by the depth reached by Jenilee’s technique and by the overall efficiency of the session. There was nothing woo-woo about it, Jenilee’s efforts produced real results. As for Jenilee herself, she’s at once strong and gentle- a combination that inspires confidence and puts her clients at ease, she is highly recommended. Oh, and after the session my pain along with lifetimes of other issues was gone.”

—Julie Chapman, Shamanic Priestess, Author, Asheville NC

“Wow!! Mind blown, heart cradled, stirring, healing, profound, enlightening, moving, transformative, POWERFUL session with the astounding Jenilee yesterday. Absolute magic. Thank you so much I’m so glad I trusted my gut and hooray to the universe for connecting us! Get on this girl’s client list before it fills up! I feel so lucky today for the session I had and I’m tremendously comforted knowing I have an incredible resource for guidance and healing right around the corner.”

—Sage Komisar, Eugene OR

“I recently had an amazing session with Jenilee. She helped me in areas of recreation, overindulgence, and clarity. Since the Energy Cleansing, I have been much more active and am constantly trying to be outside more, enjoying the outdoors. I would HIGHLY recommend talking to Jenilee about the areas in your life that you would like to see improvements in. She definitely helps to breakdown the barriers that prevent you from thriving in those areas.”

—Angelina Lewis, Nurse Practitioner, Gainesville FL

Clear Your Ego Sessions

“Jenilee and I have started some Skype clearings and it is so wonderful to get to a place of harmony again!

During the clearings I feel the support of Jenilee all-around in every fiber of my body and afterwards I can still feel the love and support. Some unpleasant emotions come up and I can feel my body, my ego so wanting to reject it. Knowing I have the support of Jenilee and the angels around me makes it easier to work through and release the unpleasant feelings.

I have come to understand and love myself enough to feel the emotions and focus on releasing them.”

—Nicole Manno, Mental Health Assistant, Melbourne FL

Open to Your Full Spiritual Potential Sessions

“I knew nothing about SRT when I made my first apt. I was open spiritually and had been referred to Jenilee but I didn’t know what to expect. Her friendly face and sweet disposition immediately made me feel at ease. Throughout our first hour and a half session I didn’t know how to take in all that we were uncovering. The words she was saying and the energy she was clearing rang so true to what I knew was underneath but didn’t quite know how to face. I sank into a bit of a sadness in the days following. I had no time alone and didn’t know how process it all. It was pretty heavy stuff. She checked in with me and gave me some things to do on my own and said she would continue to help me from her end and that I would feel a huge relief within a few days. I trusted her and she was right. Shortly thereafter I woke up feeling lighter , more clarity, confident and full of joy . Since then I’ve seen Jenilee over Skye once or twice a month. We’ve worked on clearing years, even lifetimes of negative energy that has held me back from pursuing my fullest potential on this earth. I see a different perspective now. Facing our own worst selves is very brave and very rewarding . For It is in our most wounded places that we find our light. Jenilee is extremely gifted in her work. She cares about people and their journeys. She was blessed with the ability to not only heal our hearts but to heal our souls. I plan to continue my work with her guidance for a long time to come. I am forever grateful for being connected with her. I feel stronger and more capable now then I ever have. Thank you Jenilee, although that word just doesn’t quite cut it :)”

–Leigh Caruana, Aesthetician, Portland OR

Transgender Client Testimonials

“I tell everyone to dream big and to stop limiting yourself and your possibilities. Because that is what Jenilee’s clearings have taught me. I am limitless.”

“I have been receiving clearings from Jenilee since as early as January of 2015. We started off just cleaning through my past lives, programs from my childhood, and pretty much trying to clear up all my past embedded programs, so that I could start to form new ones. Programs like always expecting the worst, feeling like I wasn’t worthy of things, self sabotaging my own plans of success, health issues I feared, stuff like that. Jenilee’s clearings could not have come at a better time for me. In my life I have always wanted to do big things and help as many people as I could in my time on earth. BUT in order to do these things, I needed to change my thinking and my actions too! I had already begun my journey to a better me, and had many hiccups along the way. Feeling like I was on top of the world to feeling like the world should be on top of me aka 6 ft under. In 2015 I labeled it “dream big 2015”. The universe must have sent me those words because I didn’t even truly believe them when I first said them. Not like I do now. I tell everyone to dream big and to stop limiting yourself and your possibilities. Because that is what Jenilee’s clearings have taught me. I am limitless.

With the will power to truly want to change my life and Jenilee’s amazing full belief in Spirit and in clearing and cleaning out the past struggles so that we can move onto better and bigger things- I was able to completely change my life. Since my clearings my business has been able to have me work Full Time from home as well as handle two employees! (Let me add I have had this business for 4 years and had been working night and day without pay!) My online presence (which has a lot to do with my career) has quadrupled in followers/likes/shares. But most importantly my want to feel self worth and Jenilees amazing connection to clearing out our old ways of thinking to let in new ways- I have finally started my journey to truly loving myself. Which in turn allows others to love me fully, and I to love them fully too!

Now- I can’t say that only these clearings with Jenilee are the things that got me more customers, or got me on the cover of a magazine in my community, or have my Social Media platforms go viral. BUT what I CAN say is that Jenilee’s clearings have BY FAR cleared energy in my mind, and in my soul to finally start allowing myself to move past my past. To clear things that do not serve me. To open up possibilities I didn’t feel worthy of. To make me ADMIT to when I am holding myself back. To realize that everything I ever wanted was inside of me. The whole time! WITHOUT Jenilee’s clearings I can honestly and truly say, ego aside, I would not be as far along as I am today.

What I can say- is that if you are ready, wanting, and willing to truly change your life, change your ways of thinking, and truly allow abundance of all kinds into your life- Jenilee’s Clearings and Teachings WILL allow this beautiful light into your life.”

—Aydian Dowling, Trans* Activist and CEO of Trans* Clothing Company Point 5cc

“When I was at my worst I found Jenilee by what you could call “chance”. I was at the time in a very abusive relationship and didn’t seem to have the strength to leave. It took me a few sessions with her and not only did I manage to leave, she helped me find my worth and self confidence. She really helped me fight my anxiety and depression and although I know I still have issues to work on I am confident that with Jenilee’s help I will grow into a happier, better person. 🙂

My life has never been better. My grades in college improved and I am actually about to graduate in December, I lost all the weight I needed to and started working out and I have been going out a lot and made lots of new friends. I am starting to let go of the anger and I am focusing more on myself.I am nowhere near ready to start a new relationship but I feel like I am getting to a point where I am more confident and loving myself more and I love it :)”

—Damien Gomez de la Tejera, Animal Shelter Assistant, Transgender Man, Mexico

LGB Client Testimonials

“Last month my girlfriend and I traveled up north to have a spiritual clearing done by Jenilee. I had no idea what to expect and really was a little hesitant. It was probably one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. Jenilee was very professional and put me at ease right away with her calming nature. The clearing probably took almost two hours, I had a lot of “things” that needed to be put away for good. The first couple of days after were a little rough, I was very sad and crying a lot.

I allowed myself to grieve and just feel all of my emotions. Suddenly, I had an overwhelming sense of peace and just feeling lighter. My past will always be a part of who I am, but now I am able to focus on the here and now. My 0CD is a lot less present, and I am embracing my masculinity. I am able to love my partner wholeheartedly now, and my feelings of abandonment have subsided greatly. We are looking forward to our next visit with Jenilee and are excited for a new year. Jenilee thank you so much for your ability and sharing it with others. You make the world a better place.

—Shay Mountford, Bay Area, California

What the skeptics are saying…

“I sat through the whole first session still a doubter, yet as she spoke my brain kept saying ‘aha!’, ‘yes!’, and ‘so true!'”

“I went into my first session with Jenilee a complete skeptic. I didn’t even know what I was doing there, sitting in a room with someone to have my “energy cleared,” but something drew me to her and made me say “why the hell not.” I sat through the whole first session still a doubter, yet as she spoke my brain kept saying “aha!”, “yes!”, and “so true!” Without realizing it, I wrote down pages and pages of notes about what was keeping me from feeling worthy of love, acceptance, and abundance. I woke up the next day feeling freer that I had in a very long time. Now I visit Jenilee regularly and think of her like an executive life coach, helping me work through my upper limits and keep expanding myself and my business.”

—Lauren Marie Fleming, Author, Creative Entrepreneur, Eugene OR

“Although I try very hard, I am unable to fully express how life changing this process is or how it works. As a long time member of TCBC, the cynical bitches club (which many of you may also belong to) I did not truly believe that SRT aka spiritual response therapy would help clear my inner body and soul from negative energies that prevent me from reaching my goals or that these sessions would give me a whole new outlook on life, but it has.”

—Elana Sissons

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