Stop Taking on Other People’s Shit

24 Jan Stop Taking on Other People’s Shit

So many of us have a hard time recognizing when we are taking on the shit storms of others. Some of us have learned to survive life from a young age by constantly giving all of our energy away to others. When we establish ourselves as “people pleasers” early on in life we start to wear a sign on our foreheads that says “dump your shit here”. People begin to rely on us to take on all of their shit so that they don’t have to take on their own shit. It feels really shitty after a while because you become exhausted and fatigued as all fuck. If you establish yourself as a community toilet early on in life like I did by the time you wake up and smell the shit and decide to flush it and get the fuck out of there you have people running after you asking you where they are going to put their shit now? Others may not say a word and just give you shitty looks and roll their eyes at you disgusted that you could deny THEIR shit. Once you stop feeling shitty about how disappointed people are in you for deciding to stop being a community shit dump you take your first deep inhale of your own shit and you’re like aw man my shit smells way worse than other people’s no wonder I avoided this my whole life!

Really though-if everyone focused on dealing with their own shit we could all just show each other care and support along the way. We wouldn’t have to take care of each other we could just take care of ourselves and start to feel better and enjoy each other’s company without shit getting in the way of joy and connection and aliveness. There’s no such thing as saving someone else. We all have to choose to save ourselves by feeling our feelings and taking action to care for ourselves in new ways. Truly caring for ourselves and taking responsibility for our own healing is scary shit. That’s why there’s way more people handing their shit to others than there is people stepping into their own shit. Most people are either shit takers or shit givers. There’s a third option here-we could all choose to be self-shit-seekers. We could take initiative to seek out our own shit and voluntarily deal with it. Why would we ever do that? Because there is great reward for dealing with your own shit. You start to transform from the inside out. All of the shit inside of you starts to be released and there is space for cupcakes and rainbows instead.

How do we do it? How do we take the plunge and deal with our shit in the search for cupcakes and rainbows?
-We stop saying yes to taking on other people’s shit
-We start re-directing ourselves to look at our own shit at some point every day.
-We start feeling the feelings attached to our shit.
-We seek out professional shit flushers (energy healers, therapists, acupuncturists, herbalists, etc…)
-We recognize the power of clearing out our own shit and watch our life transform in ways we’ve only dreamed of.

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