Transitioning Your Energy Body


Even if you are proactive in supporting the emotional and physical aspects of your transition, there is a spiritual component that is not being addressed. The energy of all of the experiences you’ve had when you were living life as the sex you were born is still living inside of the body and heart of the being you are physically and emotionally transitioning into. Many transgender folks struggle with growing the confidence to feel secure in their new gender identity. It’s because they are still holding the same energy they have been carrying since before they started to transition. Through Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), we are able clear away the deep rooted subconscious programs of unworthiness and toxic shame built-up from years of feeling lost in a body and identity that doesn’t match your true self. Through this healing process, you are given the opportunity to stop living in the energy of your old self and open to more of your authentic self.

90 minute SRT session: $150 (Skype/Facetime/In-person sessions available)

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