Spiritual Compass Pendulum: Tiger's Eye
Spiritual Compass Pendulum: Tiger's Eye

Spiritual Compass Pendulum: Tiger’s Eye


This hand-made pendulum is meant to assist you in accessing your inner-guide, your intuition and the part of you that is connected to universal source energy. As you hold the compass in your hand you are reminded that you are on a spiritual journey and there are always choices to make in terms of knowing which direction is right and perfect for you. This pendulum is meant to assist you in staying aligned with the path of least resistance-the path that is bringing you closer to your ideal life. There are two different versions of this pendulum. One is made with the stone Tiger’s Eye, which helps you to differentiate between what you want and what you truly need. A stone of integrity-it helps you see the correct use of your own power. The alternative version of this pendulum is made with Rutilated Quartz which is said to be the illuminator for the soul-promoting spiritual growth and helping you to let go of the past. This stone can act as an antidepressant. The other beaded stone on both versions of this pendulum is Hematite which dissolves negativity and protects your energy field by keeping you grounded in your body.

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All pendulums are hand-made by local artist Kirsten Rinkle in Eugene, OR and are non-refundable.

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