Open Yourself to Conscious Parenting


In this specific session we explore the ways in which you could change your perspective of what your child needs from you as a parent. We will look closely at the dynamic between you and your child with the goal of shifting- from looking at your child as an extension of you, to looking more at yourself and what you feel when your child expresses or acts a certain way. The main idea is to begin to parent yourself a bit more by looking closely at the fears you have as a parent as a result of your own upbringing, and choose to own them as your own and not put them on your child. This will give your child more freedom to develop and evolve into their true, authentic self and not another version of you. Allowing your child to witness you, parenting yourself- is a way to help them understand that always looking within at your own feelings and acknowledging the effect they have on your life and the people around you is a way to heal and evolve into the best version of yourself. If each parent became more conscious of their own need to evolve, there would be potential for a new generation of youth that have a deep understanding of who they are and what they are here to do on Earth because they won’t feel the pressure or guilt to be something their parents want them to be.

90 minute SRT session: $150 (Skype/Facetime/In-person sessions available)

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