Heart of Creation Pendulum
Heart of Creation Pendulum

Heart of Creation Pendulum


This hand-made pendulum is meant to guide you in making decisions from your heart to create a life filled with abundance of all kinds. The tree symbolizes your ability to grow anything you desire into your life and the heart shape reminds you that choosing to make decisions from your heart may bring you closer to the lifestyle you are wanting. The teardrop shaped stone at the end of the chain is Aventurine and is known as the stone of prosperity. It enhances creativity, perseverance, and leadership qualities to support you as you find your true purpose in the Universe. Aventurine can guide you to seeing all possibilities the Universe holds for you and your unique purpose on earth. The stone at the very tip of the pendulum is Pyrite is a grounding and protective stone, known to bring about good fortune.

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All pendulums are hand-made by local artist Kirsten Rinkle in Eugene, OR and are non-refundable.

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