Family Clearing


Every family has room for growth. Each family member has a unique relationship with one another and effects the entire family dynamic as a whole. Many times, we build a history with our family members and then when we go and attempt to change the patterns we have built up in relating and interacting with them it can be very difficult. The main reason it can be difficult is the energy of the relationship patterns have been building throughout your entire lifetime and possibly over many lifetimes. Throughout this specific type of session, we will identify the negative energy patterns running between you and your family members as well as your family as a whole and clear and remove the negative programs and patterns so that your family has an opportunity to start fresh and heal from the past, bringing in a chance to build new and healthy relationship patterns within the family.

120 minute SRT session: $200, up to 6 family members (Skype/Facetime/In-person sessions available)

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