Breaking Down Barriers to Authentic Living


Many people find it very difficult to truly live authentically. It may feel more comfortable to you to live your life as the person you think you are supposed to be rather than the person you actually are inside. This can be the result of many past lives (including this one) where you may have been told that being your true self wasn’t okay and may have been punished or even persecuted in some way for being who you truly were inside. The energy of those experiences carries on into this lifetime and presents as anxiety and panic when you think about expressing your authentic self. In this particular clearing session, we focus on clearing away and releasing this energy to support you in accepting the true essence of your being so you can start to take steps to live more authentically and learn to love yourself for who you are inside.

90 minute session: $150 (Skype/Facetime/In-person sessions available)

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