Balancing Your Chakras through Reiki Healing


Reiki is the practice of healing the different energy centers (chakras) of the body through unconditional love and life force energy guided by a higher intelligence. In reiki sessions, we are able to identify which energy centers/chakras in your body are blocked or balanced. When all of your chakras are balanced you are able to move through life harmoniously and when they are blocked you find yourself in chaos or disharmony. Each chakra governs a different part of your physical, emotional and spiritual body. In your session, we will identify which chakras need to be worked on and balance them according to what your body needs. Guidance on how to consciously support the continued healing of each chakra to keep them in balance will be provided at the end of your session.

90 minute Reiki session: $150 (Skype/Facetime/In-person sessions available)

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