Activate Your Archetypes


There is a set of energy patterns called archetypes that help us create and shape our lives. Depending on your past experiences, there may be certain archetypes that are activated and not serving you and others that are blocked and can be activated to serve you. In this specific clearing session, we take a look at which archetypes you are active in right now and determine if there is a benefit for you to have them active. We also look at which archetypes we can activate for you to help you reach your full potential in your life. There will also be information provided to you about your archetypes and how you can consciously work with them instead of against them to change negative patterns that produce negative outcomes in your life so that you can start to shift into positive patterns that produce positive outcomes in your life.

90 minute SRT session: $150 (Skype/Facetime/In-person sessions available)

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