Raise Your Consciousness with Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)

09 Jan Raise Your Consciousness with Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)

As spiritual beings dressed in physical form as human beings, we experience our soul’s growth and development by living on this Earth plane. We enter our lives with patterns and programs of discordant energy imprinted on our soul’s record of lifetimes. These energies are part of our cellular memory, which can manifest over several lifetimes in both physical and mental ailments in the current body we inhabit. Spiritual Response Therapy identifies these patterns and programs to educate the soul for metaphysical clearing and healing.

Our conscious mind is the space within us that holds our awareness about our present reality of ourselves and the world around us. Encased within that consciousness is a subconsciousness – that causal layer of our mind that records and stores our life’s experiences, both positive and negative. SRT looks at both the conscious and the subconscious mind and and identifies accumulated negative programming that blocks our deeper awareness. SRT raises your consciousness to heal old wounds which can facilitate changing old patterns to create a new reality that is working for you and not against you.

That initial process can be painful because you are faced with long buried and new truths staring you in the face asking you to accept into your awareness. This can stir us up due to our longhand denial about a particular truth. SRT gives you the space to choose to safely feel the truth, acknowledge it, embrace it for its lesson where it can then be released, increasing your capacity for happiness.

SRT raises your consciousness and opens you to a new level of awareness. You can start to examine your world and everything in it with a fresh perspective. Truths can be revealed, blind spots removed and transformed to spots of clarity. You can start to see the role you’ve played in other people’s stories, the option to change the story, and make informed decisions about the story you want to live in.

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