If You Were “God,” How Would You Treat Yourself?

20 Jul If You Were “God,” How Would You Treat Yourself?

Maybe it’s a hypothetical question. Maybe it’s not. Maybe you’re God. Maybe I’m God. Maybe we are all God and realizing that is “the battle” in this life.

I think it is for me anyways.

As a kid I was taught to worship God and pray to God for the things that I wanted and needed in life. It was always about behaving a certain way (eat your vegetables, go to church, say you’re sorry etc.) Needless to say it was conditional. If you do this then maybe if you’re lucky God will give you a good life and a spot in “heaven”. If there are people who believe this I have no judgement against them I just know a few things for sure about my own experience:

Ever since the day I acknowledged that there is or may be some form of “God” in me or at least a power in me that could bring me closer to my ideal life, my life has gotten significantly better each day. I no longer doubt wether or not my wishes will come true. The God in me will manifest them. It’s not a waiting game it’s a feeling game. Can you feel all of your feelings, even the dark ones so that you can make your way naturally to the light? I appreciate each new part of my ideal life because I know that I created it. So in turn I appreciate me. I recognize the God in me and I respect myself the same way most people respect “God”. This simple shift in how I view and regard myself has shifted my whole world.

What do you do when you appreciate someone? How do you treat them? This is important because others treat us how we treat ourselves. Look around you, everything in your life is a reflection of how you do or don’t treat yourself. If God asked for a favor would you drop what you are doing to take care of it? That is how you treat yourself. Every time your Soul cries out for something, you acknowledge it and consider it with the same respect as if God were to ask you for it. You are simply practicing self-care for the God in you.

You must roll out the red carpet for yourself if you ever expect anyone else to roll it out for you. Set the example.

This is how (insert your name here) gets treated. Boom.

So now go my Gods and Goddesses! Acknowledge your divinity and shine your light just beware of the Ego and it’s tricks. Sometimes the ego masquerades as the God in you. The ego is not by any means the God in you no matter what it says. The God in you does not take offense and does not ‘should’ all over you. The God in you knows what you need and guides you to what you need and has no care for what society thinks you need.

Love and blessings from the God in me. 🙂

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