Healing Myself Through Movement

19 Jan Healing Myself Through Movement

I’ve always wanted to capture the essence of the Sun and the Moon. The moon represents my darkness as well as my femininity. It’s energy brings out the emotions that my ego would prefer to keep hidden and pulling out those dark emotions is extremely healing for me.

The Sun is a different story. Some days it’s like an old childhood friend that lives in your neighborhood. When it’s available and shining bright with full on energy it practically screams your name to come out and play. The temptation is strong!

It’s so bright and lovely outside after all!

ReadingsByJenilee-Blog-HealingMyselfThroughMovement1But then it happens, your ego or even your boss hands you a to-do list of all of the things that need to get done INSIDE. Then before you know it that bright and shiny, strong Sun is gone.

I’ve learned that because the Sun is so strong it doesn’t take much time in its presence to absorb enough of its energy for healing.

Find 20 minutes!

One of my favorite things to do in the Sun for 20 minutes is movement. I like to allow my body to express itself as if I am the Sun. If I were the Sun, in all of its power what would I like to say? There is so much I would say that words would not be able to capture it. Movement would!

Circling and shaking and free dancing in my backyard in perfect rhythm with the almighty, powerful Sun. All with the intention of releasing stagnant energy and basically everything that doesn’t serve me and my highest good. I shake it out and move it out. And then it comes. PEACE.

All because I honored my intuition and need to be out in the Sun for 20 minutes. Now I am recharged and ready for the responsibilities of the rest of my day. My body feels alive and charged with the powerful, masculine energy of the Sun.

Here is one of my favorite Qoya videos to inspire movement and remind you that you are wise, wild & free as Rochelle Schieck, founder of Qoya likes to put it.

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