Bout that Pendulum Life

20 Apr Bout that Pendulum Life

With a pendulum you can create a magical life!
It’s really the only tool you need to make your daily decisions from a grounded place of wisdom and truth.

Pendulum uses:
-kiss indecisiveness goodbye!
-make confident, quick moment to moment decisions
-find out what opportunities will benefit you and which won’t
-find out your relationship potential with anyone
-manage your finances with more trust
-manage your to-do lists with ease
-feel connected with your higher self + intuition
-feel aligned with your soul’s destiny
-tap into your body & soul’s true needs in any moment like:

What type of food does my body want right now?
I have a pendulum with me in the kitchen, grocery store, and when I am out to eat at all times. I practice “intuitive eating” by using my pendulum to ask my body what food it would like to be nourished by in any given moment.

What type of self care do me and my body need right now?
This is huge because so many people are not getting the self care they truly need. I developed a self-care chart that I share in my Pendulum Training sessions. It really helps me figure out how to take care of myself and my specific needs in any given moment. I don’t have to over-think it, I just allow my pendulum to do the work and before I know it I am feeing better because I am giving myself what I truly need.

If I am experiencing tension, discomfort or pain in my body I use my pendulum to ask what it needs.
Sometimes it’s some type of movement like yoga, dance, Qoya, or a nice walk in nature.
Sometimes my body needs rest or pleasure through sexual release or massage.
Other times my body needs natural/herbal remedies and I bring my pendulum to the store and allow it to direct me to the right and perfect medicine to support my relief.

Sometimes I am energetically compromised, meaning I am carrying around negative energy that isn’t mine that I picked up from other people or places I’ve been that day. It happens to me less and less as I strengthen my energetic boundaries and shielding practice. BUT sometimes it happens and I need to clear my energy field using my favorite energy healing tools together: my pendulum and a powerful technique called Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT).
Using my favorite tools I am able to clear my energy field and help others that want to clear their energy and balance their chakras as well.

If you are interested in learning how to use a pendulum to bring magic to your everyday life and start making decisions from an intuitive, trusting place schedule a Pendulum Training session or Energy Healing Session with me using my online scheduler here: Book a Session.

If you don’t have a pendulum yet, or are looking to add to your collection, my favorite pendulums are POUND Pendulums they are the most light filled, magical stones I have ever worked with! The creators of POUND are these 3 amazing women who happen to be a Mother + 2 daughters. They have so much passion for creating and that passion can be felt through the pendulums.

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