Awakening The Guide Inside of You

29 Apr Awakening The Guide Inside of You

I’ve always known if something was wrong by the feeling in the pit of my stomach. For a very long time-I ignored that feeling and allowed the feelings of others to dictate how I felt about many things in my life. It seems the more I ignored my gut feeling about something and did what the majority of society told me I was “supposed to do”, the further away from my own truth I would be. The gut feeling began to keep me up at night, taunting me like it had revenge to pay.

My truth had been denied so many times my intuition was like a caged bird just waiting to be set free. People could no longer lie to me because my gut would let me know the raw truth underneath the falsity. This supported me in setting healthy boundaries with anyone not being true to me, I became a real-live, pro boundary setter. But then I realized there was still someone that wasn’t being true to me and she’s writing this sentence. Me!? Yes that’s right, every time I allowed someone to victimize me in any way I was abandoning my truth and betraying myself.

It hit me like a ton of bricks-I am the one who ignored my gut feelings for years and repressed my divine-feminine birth right. My sacred intuition. I stepped into my power when I began listening to my gut feelings, my life began to change for the better in every way when I tapped into the truth inside of me.

Intuition is like a knife it needs to be sharpened, otherwise it can’t cut through the layers of falsity to the truth. Back then my intuition was collecting dust and not being used. Since I’ve tapped into it, I have been able to become awake to the areas of my life that needed healing to bring me in better alignment with joy, abundance, and purpose.

The best tool I’ve discovered that’s helped me access my intuition at a deeper level is the pendulum.

ReadingsByJenilee-Awakening-Pendulum1I’ve always been drawn to them and loved them – even when I was allowing my intuition to collect dust, I would stare at them in wonder. Then I saw my Mom using one and expressed such interest that she got me one as a gift. It was rose quartz and silver and my new best friend. I remember it dropped and the point chipped but I still used it all the time! I learned how to cleanse and purify it and started collecting different pendulums with different stones. I would ask it questions and receive accurate answers. It was everything!

I started taking all kinds of pendulum classes and began to learn that it wasn’t the pendulum giving me the answers – it was my intuition! It was a tool that read my gut feelings crystal clear and then wait, it gets better-the pendulum is connected to the truth inside of my body.

The truth that runs in all of us: we can access universal truth through the use of a pendulum. These days I use a pendulum to make decisions about everything. From choosing the dress that is right and perfect for me, to assessing what kind of self care my body is asking for, to finding out if a person or opportunity is beneficial in my life – my pendulum helps me in each moment to determine the universal truth of any situation.

I’ve started offering one-on-one training sessions via Skype, FaceTime and in person called “Awakening the Guide Inside of You through the use of a Pendulum”. If you want easy access to your own truth, as well as universal truth in all situations, then this training is for you! Shop for the training session and your very own hand-made pendulum today.

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