About Jenilee

Jenilee Dowling is a trained (MSW) Therapist and Energy Healer who believes in creating and living your ideal life.

Jenilee has dedicated the last decade of her life to her own self growth and spiritual journey. Now she shares this healing with others: Jenilee facilitates energy healing sessions in person or via Skype and FaceTime to those who want to rise to their true potential in life yet somehow keep feeling stuck and blocked from reaching their full potential — in their relationships, careers, and health and well-being.

Jenilee will work with you to identify potential blocks and clears them using techniques like Spiritual Response Therapy and Reiki Therapy so that you can live your life fully and stop feeling stuck in the past.

“After your healing session, you can expect to feel lighter as if you cleansed your heart and soul of all of the old emotional baggage. Suddenly there is clarity where there was confusion and overwhelm before.”

Jenilee Dowling, Spiritual Healer

I was a sensitive, shy child always observing and fascinated with how others interacted with one another. As a teen I became interested in psychology and sociology and identified that I wanted to help people when “I grew up”. Always very spiritual, I would spend hours in book stores reading about astrology and new age spirituality. I taught myself how to read Tarot cards and started doing readings for myself and my friends for guidance. It became my favorite past time and was always drawn to pendulums and began exploring my connection to my divinity through pendulums and tarot cards. I felt powerful for the first time.

In my teen years and early 20’s I was exploring my identity and became heavily interested and involved in advocating for the LGBT community. I wasn’t sure what my identity was but I knew that everyone regardless of their identity should be treated equally and have the same rights. Throughout my college and graduate school education to become an MSW Therapist I chose to focus a lot on gender, sexuality and spirituality because I knew that it was all part of my purpose here on Earth. To make an impact and change the way people feel about their own identities and empower people to be their authentic selves. I worked in the social services field for about 10 years and 5 of them as a therapist to different populations such as the Elderly and their families, LGBT youth and adults, victims of domestic violence, and teens and adults with eating disorders. It had always been my dream to combine my clinical therapy skills with my spiritual healing/intuitive skills. Along the way I knew if I wanted to be able to help others to heal from their past, I had to always make an effort to heal my own so I went to different therapists for years to heal the different parts of myself that I knew were blocking me from being truly happy in life.

In the beginning of 2014 I started seeing a therapist that was different from all of the others I had seen or even heard about before. I healed more from a few sessions with her than I had in over a decade seeing various other types of therapists. She used a tool and type of Energy Medicine called Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) and was able to heal parts of me that seemed so out of reach and hopeless for so many years. Through SRT she was able to access my Soul Records and clear away the energy from my past that was keeping me stuck in the same patterns and healing crisis.

I knew after the first session that I was meant to learn how to do SRT and suddenly my obsession with pendulums that I’d had since I was a teen made so much sense. The tools used to do SRT are a pendulum and a whole lot of charts that direct the Healer to clearing the energetic blocks people have within them that keep them from reaching their highest potential in all areas of their lives. I had studied energy medicine, gotten my chakras balanced and experiencing SRT was what changed my life from feeling stuck in the past to feeling freedom for the first time. I has finally stepped into my power and was able to surrender being a victim of any kind.

I became an advanced SRT practitioner by the end of 2014 and became a Reiki Master in 2015 after a year long apprenticeship studying Reiki, Energy Medicine, and Shamanic Healing. I started my business Readings by Jenilee in 2015 with the understanding that I am a conduit of Energy Medicine and the healing that I am able to do is coming from the higher power source of unconditional love that we all have access to, I am just allowing it to come through me to help others. I feel truly blessed to have found my purpose on this earth and to be able to do something for others that gives them a fresh start at life and freedom to decide what they want their future to be because their past is no longer in the way. I believe we can create our ideal lives through Energy Medicine, lots of dedication to self-care and identifying the way that we want to feel in our lives and doing more and more of what makes us feel that way. I am the Creatress of my ideal life and I’d love to help you create your ideal life.

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